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Get your offers and promotions in front of your customer base, keep your customers and prospects coming back for more, build stronger customer relationships. All this is easily achievable with professional email marketing campaigns from Turismotec.

Email marketing is a fast and highly cost-effective marketing channel that consistently delivers a better ROI than most other marketing channels both online and offline.

Make the most of your customer database with personalised email messages or find new customers for your business using 3rd party email lists.

Turismotec can build and implement effective email marketing campaigns for your business including the following;

Build, organise and manage highly targeted prospect lists from your own customer database or from 3rd party lists.

Create highly compelling email messages for your business based around your company news, latest offers or announcements.

Align your email campaigns with your online PR strategy and social media activity to ensure a consistent and compelling message across all marketing channels.

If you would like to find out more about how Turismotec can integrate effective email marketing campaigns into your online marketing plan please call us on 020 8133 4459 or contact us here.

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