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The online landscape is rapidly diversifying across many digital platforms and increasingly being dominated by big brands. It has become much harder for smaller businesses to compete effectively in this new multi-device, multi-screen, and multi-context digital world. 

Small businesses have for so long relied on easy access to low-cost organic search traffic from Google as the main online driver of leads to their business. However, recent changes to Google’s search algorithms have clearly given a boost to big brands and larger web properties.

In addition, space for the organic listings on Google’s search results pages has been reduced as Google increases the exposure of sponsored listings and pushes its own proprietary travel based search properties.

The New ‘Reality’

Organic search traffic from Google is still a significant source of traffic to most commercial websites but it can no longer be relied upon as the only source of traffic.

Social Media platforms offer new and growing marketing opportunities and more traditional channels like online PR and email are still effective lead generating channels.

In order to thrive in today’s online world, small businesses need to build a broader and more sustainable online marketing strategy that embraces all potential online channels and protects against future market shocks by not relying on just one channel.

The Turismotec Solution

We realise that small businesses need help and guidance in effectively dealing with this ‘new reality’ and so we have used our years of experience and broad knowledge to develop a holistic approach to online marketing with the specific aim of helping small businesses in the travel and leisure sector build a sustainable future.

We work with small businesses to review their specific market, their services and their current online marketing activities and then identify the channels and strategies that would bring the best return for their marketing budget.

We present the customer with a complete online marketing plan in a simple and easy to understand format with clear objectives and targets and based on an agreed budget.

To find out how we can help your business succeed online you can call us on 020 8133 4459contact us here or request a proposal here.

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